CALLED is a Ministry created to bring believers together for fellowship, and to strengthen each person's relationship with Jesus.  Every service you can expect prayer and worship, followed by a message (sermon) from either the youth leader, Landon Mauricio, or a guest speaker.  Usually, we'll enjoy ourselves by participating in G-WAM (Games With A Message) to keep everything fresh and interesting.

The name CALLED is inspired by the Bible verse Matthew 22:14, "For many are called but few are chosen." Youth leader, Landon Mauricio, chose this name because he feels God has called him to help lead people to the Lord and would like to encourage all of you to find your calling.

The true purpose for this Ministry is for people to learn more about the Lord while building a relationship with Him, and other people around Hawaii.  Captivating messages, outrageous faith-related activities, and spiritual connections await everyone from all ages and religious backgrounds.  Let us help you discover God's calling for you! 

Landon Mauricio

Youth Leader

In 2011, 8th grader Landon Mauricio received a calling from God to create a Christian club at his Moanalua Middle school.  It was easier said than done.  He had to jump over every obstacle and break every barrier that came his way, but through his persistence, perseverance and obedience to God's request, Landon succeeded in forming the CALLED Christian Club.  

Four years ago, while sitting in church, Landon heard his pastor share a message about each person's calling in life, and that's when God spoke directly to him.  "The person who will be leading the next generation of believers, " the pastor said, "won't be a 20 year old or 30 year old man, but a 13 year old boy sitting in here today."  Amongst the 500 plus attendees that day, Landon knew, with all of his heart, that this message was for him.

He started attending leadership classes at Inspire Church, and learned how to write sermons, lead small groups, and coordinate events.  Now equipped and inspired, he took the first steps toward his calling... and here we are today.


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